Mountain Pine and IPS Beetle

While Mountain Pine Beetle infestations along the Front Range are no longer present in epidemic numbers, they continue to attack stressed and diseased trees in Mountainous Regions and along the front range.  However, IPS Beetles are now taking over and spreading rampantly through our region and attacking all pine needled trees in numbers rivaling that of the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic. What once was thought to be a disease of our forests, has been infesting residential properties along the Front Range. Read more about Mountain Pine Beetle here.

Hill's Landscape is committed to protecting your property from the spread of these damaging beetles, and we continue to encourage ALL of our customers to preventative spray ALL high valued trees each year prior to July 1st. 

Our preventative spraying programs utilize the most current findings in chemical effectiveness, ecological risks, and human, as well as animal, safety. When spraying your trees with preventative chemicals to ward off attacks from the IPS and Mountain Pine Beetles, we add a sticky adjuvant to the tank mix. This allows the chemical to better adhere to the trunk of the tree and allows for more complete saturation and extended coverage periods. Proper application and complete coverage is our number one priority at all times.

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IPS Beetle: IPS is a bark beetle that infests Pine AND Spruce trees by burrowing under the bark of the tree and resulting in sectional die back (such as killing a whole branch or a portion of the tree) or overall death of the tree.    Read More Here

TREATMENT PERIOD for ALL preventative Beetle applications:

(for lower elevations) - Early Spring to first of June

(for mountainous areas) - Prior to July 1st